Plastic Recovery Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala  ©MathewJose

Plastic Recovery Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala



The city of Chennai produces approximately 6404 Tons of waste per day. Strategies for collection, segregation and recycling networks for waste generated daily as well as existing waste in the canals and rivers are designed. Micro-economies are created and supported by setting up waste management infrastructure on a neighbourhood level. This will in turn lead to employment opportunities and encourage decentralised ways of dealing with waste on a daily basis.

Primary Function

  • Collect and manage waste on a neighbourhood level

  • Separate waste into different component and then send it out for appropriate waste recycling/management techniques

Added Benefits (versus landfills, incineration)

  • After agriculture, the waste management industry creates the maximum employment opportunities

  • Inclusive to all genders

  • Micro-economies

  • Output material can be reused for manufacturing products