Sri Parthasarathy Temple tank in Triplicane, Chennai  ©TheHindu

Sri Parthasarathy Temple tank in Triplicane, Chennai



Temple tanks as an ancient technology were not used to collect water for reuse, but to recharge the aquifer, to later be extracted through personal wells. These tanks served as a barometer of the city’s underground resource, making its fluctuating level visible. Today this system has been forgotten as the city grows with modern infrastructure, leading to interrelated disasters of floods, droughts and pollution. By the means of diverse tactics and green-blue strategies, the temple tanks will be restored to its original purpose as essential points of water recharge in the city.

Primary Function

  • Collects water during monsoon season

  • Recharges water to the aquifer

Added Benefits

  • Social and religious uses

  • Increased biodiversity (aquatic animals and along green buffer)

  • Reduces overheating

  • Carbon sequestration

  • Improved urban quality

  • Communicates urban water dynamics while connecting to heritage